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Pere Ubu wos around before Talkin Heads we reckon. Also there wos no such fing as avant-garage, 'til after the garage, wot don't count if you wos before the garage innit. Alan Ravenstine wos brilliant an so wos Tony Maimone. Cannot be the same band wivout em. The 2 early singles wot became n e.p. 'Datapanik in the Year Zero' wos brilliant an 'Dub Housing' is deffo the best album.

folk music of the open American interstate highways and post-industrial wastelands
is sort ov about it, the P.A. agrees. David Thomas is a nutter. I prefer the reggie music meself.

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I wonder what kind of music Chompsky prefers, or doesn't. I know he likes being sung to.


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Hay - I like the singin too!

I wos listenin ter Mosi Conde playin the Cora yesterday.

This vid cuts off wiv a glitch at 4 minutes  45secs in becos the uploaders did not check it - it is still luvverly tho.

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Have been seeing more of Chompsky's wild cousins about, which is a joy. This guy was spotted outside my office window a couple couple years ago. I call this photo essay Dead End.

sometimes you have to pull yourself out of one

Hare today
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Housemate came back with considerably less than he left home with. I'll never understand how he could hear anything.

No after pictures have been approved for publication.

In other news, Finders Keepers remains the law of the garden. Trust me, little one, this acorn wouldn't be to your taste anyway.

I spy with my big eye

not one but two

make that three newbies.

Actually there are five at last count, though try rustling them all together for a group photo.

I wish you all the luck in your new world.


Clearly our patch is zoned for hoppers.


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Well Chompsky, these little rabs look like they are avin a fine time! Yer housemate on the uvver hand seems ter be rarver shy. Is he a bit peed off wivout the grey halo ov cheveux?

Barberism is not an art that I can fully appreciate meself, all fings considered, so I will now focus on a diffrent philosoffical topic - I kno I av kept yer waitin fer the religion piece fer quite a while, but ere it comes now...


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Guest post by
Humbug - the radical rabbit

The Bigger Bun's Guide Ter Religion

Now it seems ter me that a lot ov peeps go about this religious business by puttin the cart before the horse, as it were. Yer get a list ov various so-called gods wiv their favourite hairstyles an their choice ov perfume an wot foods make em ill, but actcherly wot is more innerestin is how they get on wiv haulin the wagon ov the public mood.

In Richard Adam's Watership Down we get sum nice stories ov a religious nature - an these get rolled out at moments ov stress ter give the rabs a bit ov confidence or else ter stop em toterly freakin out. I rarver suspec that peeps av not cottoned on ter this sophistercatered approach ter holey matters an I would like ter offer my 2 cents.

1. Sun worship

Wot could be more natcheral than lookin up at the sun an finkin, 'Cor fanks!'? Owever if yer keep lookin it is a bit stupid becos yer eyes will get fried. Experience shows that the sun will do its fing regular as clockwork wevver we like it or not, so it probly makes not a lot ov difference if we call it 'Lord' or sumfing else like 'Fred', espeshially as it don't smell.

2. The elements

Rain is not regular like the sun, it is a lot more sketchy. If yer live sumwhere wot is very dry it mite make sense ter give water a bit ov status in the worship stakes. Then we av fire, wot is like a bit ov the sun on a BBQ, but it is not as tame as all that jazz. It is nice an warm tho, an almost as good as telly, so peeps av lots ov fire-worship stories but rabs av fur so we don't care. Air is actcherly there an all, an even tho yer can't see it yer can't live wivout it. Should we worship air or praps go a step furver an make an idol ov the Burnquist? Then there is Earth...

3. God as a big muvver

'Muvver Earth' comes ter mind, an also the notion of 'Gayer Earth'. Owever we mite like ter feel all jolly nuzzlin up ter this luvverly nurturin planet, takin in all the elements wiv their redolent odours, if we get too earthy we will miss wot is goin on up above. By all means kiss the ground peeps becos this will help stop yer gettin a bad back. Don't furget ter look up tho in case yer miss sumfing like a storm cloud gavverin on the horizon.

4. Farver figgers

Now most rabs do not av farver figgers wot play a big role in the nurture, but only the nature bit. Owever we seem ter get by awright. Yer little peeps are in a diffrent sitcheration becos ov wot is called family life. But if the 'daddy' ov the family is ov the religious persuasion worshippin a farver figure type god mite be very nice. On the one hand it is a role model fer the daddy an the muvver can say, 'You should behave yerself becos farver god does, innit baby.' but on the uvver hand if a lot ov blokes make the rules they mite say ter the muvvers, 'We are the big daddies like farver God wiv a capital G an yer av ter do as yer told.' Owever it seems ter me that if I wos god I would like me kids ter grow up clever enuff ter look after emselves wivout all that carrot an stick business.

5. Opiate ov the peeps

Opiates is medicines wot make yer sleepy an dreamy an lazy, sort ov like sendin yer ter heaven so yer don't fink about hard fings. But av yer ever wondered why Jesus the son ov the farver wos a bit ov a rebel an a big fan ov kickin out the moneylenders ov the temple but now his franchise the Church Ov Ingland is the biggest landlord ov the land an rakin in the spondooliks? Now Jesus as got corporate sponsors an he is also at least a bit past it, so it is difficult ter kno who said wot an when to whom. Owever yer Jesus, or Joshua as he wos formelly, wos apparently a bit suspicious ov blokes wot wrote the rules an I would encourage yer ter wake up an smell the coffee. Also I do believe it mite be a rarver good fing ter keep yer nose clean as well as yer feet.

6. Hedgin yer bets

Sum peeps make a fing ov sittin on the fence on the religious question an instead ov sayin it is all a load ov rubbish like yer out an out atheists, they say, 'Well it mite be true, maybe there is a creator ov the universe type god, we don't actcherly kno but Christmas is nice.'

7. Weird stuff

In time immoral there wos lots ov gods fer all diffrent types ov sitcherations an sum ov em were elephants an sum were giant tortoises an very strange fings an not like yer modern average god ov pure creation wiv a beard. But we still av the saints, even if they are stinkin at football, or soccer if yer a yank.

Seriously, the basic question boils down ter, 'Where did it all come from?' Apparently we av an unbounded universe ov amazin stuff wot follows sum kind ov maffmatical pattern an yer just can't get yer head round it. Did all this stuff come from nuffing? Where did yer actcheral god come from if it comes ter that? Is god comin ter tidy up all the funny stuff or shall we just get on wiv it ourselfs or in the meantime just keep takin the tablets?

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Ah Humbug, I am ready and willing to transcribe any further articles you may be brewing. Perhaps something more down to earth for the next piece though?

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Yer housemate on the uvver hand seems ter be rarver shy. Is he a bit peed off wivout the grey halo ov cheveux?

Word is, yes, a little. Was heard muttering something about Samson.

The Bigger Bun's Guide Ter Religion

If there is a god
nature red in tooth and claw
is the way he rolls


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Well Ernie, I am sorry ter disappoint yer but I feel the call ov the wild an fink we should explore more off-worldly fings now we av started on the metaffisical road.