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I av got a philosoffical question fer yer... Wot if they made a mistake on yer birf certificate becos yer got funny bits an then yer need ter get it changed becos it is factcherly incorrec?

Those who have DSDs deserve consideration, which they appear to get.

By the way, did you know female rabbits have two uteruses? I bet you did. I didn't!


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Hmm, fank you.

I didn't kno about the double-wombs. The P.A. says it rings a bell, but I say hmmm.

Mother's Day
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Breakfast and a kick in the face.

The pain in Spain
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A plague of rabbits, says The Guardian. Time for a stern letter to the editor about hostile collective nouns. Apparently aardvarks have 'armoury'. I like the way they think.

Glad to hear my Spanish cousins have become immune to myxomatosis.

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