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Where do the hours go
« on: September 19, 2019 »
Late enough last night to qualify as early this morning, I got an email from Australia. It was a guy I’d met on the Simple Machines Forum, makers of this software, announcing his availability to help with a few technical issues. These included getting text wrap to work on my old site (I can’t imagine many people go there, but damnit I didn’t want them not to have text wrap), and making photos responsive/scalable.

I had planned to go on a night ride,

but stuck around for the work, which expanded to some other fixes and fripperies, like board colours.

Forums are an old hobby. NACF is more or less a blog. This software is like a comfy saddle.

I’ve been happy with a single board for a long time: the user-to-board ratio seemed entirely appropriate. Once you can paint them, you can’t just have one though, can you. Anyway, it’s nice to spread out a little.


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The new phone friendliness feels like a rolling out of the red carpet. How about a FAQ, for the cherry on top?

That’s never going to come out – fortunately, nobody’ll notice

Herewith a shortlist of things I’d be asking, if I didn’t already know the answers:

Why do this? Verily I say unto you, for the fun of it.

Do you believe in miracles?
I’ve seen things you wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in charge. An app that does nothing, and apparently does it well. In short, no.

I do believe in Catch-22: there are potential users out there who want to talk, but are waiting for the crickets to shut up.

Cycling plus – isn't that already taken?
Yes, just not very well. Do they run articles about rabbits, for example? Document plot lines of Star Trek? Pay their writers for wild flights of fancy? (OK, they did once.) I rest my case.

site mascot and co-administrator

What’s next?
Who knows. I might listen to the crickets for a while.