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City of angles
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If anybody who’s been to Los Angeles ever stops by, please let me know if it’s cool and relaxed

or serious as a heart attack

or light-hearted and Newmenesque

Did you drive all the way through flyover country, Randy?


Self pleasure
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In all my hitchhiking I never caught a lift with these guys.

(love it when the woman covers her ears @2.46)

The opening may bewilder those weaned on phonecards, never mind iPhones.

Less musical than it looks

It's a fun song because it ends before going all the way into Paradise by the Dashboard Light.


Head game
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The penultimate test of cerebral fitness is remembering the lyrics to quirky old favourites. If the portal into YouTube is gray, don't let it put you off, this video hasn't gone anywhere yet.

From the comments: "He's still walking. He just passed my house."

Shoutout to Hastings!


Bach man
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Guess who

Given a choice between Bach and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the Canadian rockers win access to my ears. (It’s a false but alliteratively pleasing dilemma, beating Beethoven vs the Beatles.) Sorry decomposing composers. Should a few points be taken off whatever my IQ is because I don’t listen to classical music except by accident or when I'm in a rare mood for greatest hits from the Baroque period?

Bach's autograph of the first movement of the Sonata No. 1 in G minor / Bachman "fooling around"

The coolness of the band may have been negated by this video

As a bonus, the B side of the single – I just about remember singles – was an instrumental called Free Wheelin'.


They'll get you pretty far
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Jack Sheldon of Schoolhouse Rock fame has died. "He lost the use of his right arm after suffering a stroke in 2011, but he was eventually able to resume playing using one hand."


Turn it up
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Yes Virginia, I do believe there can be wisdom in even the poppiest of pop songs. It's more inspiring, certainly catchier, than


Tuning in to the past
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Wonderfully evocative of a time and a place. And how long were the credits!

Perhaps it’s not surprising the song is so good (at least if you’re a sop for nostalgia), as it was written and recorded by former Lovin' Spoonful frontman John Sebastian, who looks like John Lennon’s long lost cousin in this picture.

This one’s for Yoko


Loss and found
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“Your friend is gone but you live on.” There goes my composure, and I'm not even that fond of dogs. <Insert your own pet> Let's not even go there.

Another wrecking crew, if in a good way.


Oedipus rocks / And then there was you
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This not-too-oldie but goodie is best turned up after the watershed in some households:

The BBC Philharmonic? Auntie has come a long way.


Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn, pondering where we all come from

Oh, and one of the sweariest sites you'll ever meet while you're surfing on your phone at a truckstop? Guess.


They're playing our song
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