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Aah - we like Tanita very much.

Also fink it would be good ter share The Skeleton Crew. Sadly the P.A. never got ter see em live, except fer Fred Frith solo an in uvver combos a few times.

Just in case yer wonderin, that first pictcher is not ov the harp reinventor Zeena Parkins that yer will actcherly hear.
It is ov earlier Skeleton Crew, 1982
Left to right: Tom Cora, Dave Newhouse, Fred Frith

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I would also love to share the P.J. Proby collabs but they are regretfully rare.

Turn it up
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The verdict of my wife, who is another ABBA fan: "Too bouncy."

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Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. Therese and I were unionized by Judge Moser in a courtinghouse in Jersey City,[1] with two last minute volunteers as witnesses. (I've just googled the judge. Nothing colorful came up, unless you can spin a tale about the ordinances governing apartment rentals.)[2] The operation was planned and executed in the span of a week, if memory serves, which it doesn't always. No representatives from either side of the family were invited.[3]

We'd met at a former normal school in Ohio. "Normal Schools derive their name from the French phrase ecole normale. These teacher-training institutions, the first of which was established in France by the Brothers of the Christian Schools in 1685, were intended to set a pattern, establish a 'norm' after which all other schools would be modeled."[4] It had long since stopped specializing in churning out bricklayers[5] by the time we got there.

The norm used to be you met someone, progressed to going steady, got engaged, then married.[6] We never even dated. We just met and shacked up almost immediately.

Although at no point was ours a long distance relationship, this was our song:[7]

It probably had something to do with the fact that she wasn't from the States. That, and it's hard not to like a song by ELO.[8]

We moved away a long time ago,[9] and only call America to talk to my widowed[10] mother or Therese's widowed[11] father, who ended up there too. (I'm afraid that might make it sound like they're now an item. They're not.)

Another norm not as norm as it used to be is that Therese took my name. Both of them, sort of: she called me SAM (my initials) so much it permanently stuck.[12]

Feel like a number:
1. A foreign country
2. Collins v. Albro
3. Sounds harsh, but we saved ourselves a *lot* of stress
4. Just the sort of information footnotes are usually for
5. Do you even need to click?
6. Then divorced and remarried
6 part II. Can't have a post about love and marriage and not include Love and Marriage. Also this and this.
7. Chuck Eddy and Greil Marcus liked it too
8. Just ask Randy (obligatory follow-up for that)
9. And I used to wear a helmet
10. My father's favourite song was Stardust
11. Ira
12. Really...
13. My middle name, which I kept, is Andrew. Someone with that name recently registered. Wouldn't want there to be any confusion.

Bonus track:

Hi Rog!

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What's a Loop Group Coordinator?

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I was framed I tell ya.

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As we shuffle into 2023

Thanks Goliath and Tunefind.

A few days later...

Scene of the year so far.

Of monsters and men
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