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What this thread is missing is Tanita

and some yodelling.

On my first end-to-end, when my Walkman wasn't playing Dylan, it was usually playing Tikaram. (If she didn't rate a mention in that account, I'm sure you can understand how Bob was more in keeping with the mood.) She'd be one of my desert island discs.

Aah - we like Tanita very much.

Also fink it would be good ter share The Skeleton Crew. Sadly the P.A. never got ter see em live, except fer Fred Frith solo an in uvver combos a few times.

Just in case yer wonderin, that first pictcher is not ov the harp reinventor Zeena Parkins that yer will actcherly hear.
It is ov earlier Skeleton Crew, 1982
Left to right: Tom Cora, Dave Newhouse, Fred Frith


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