Is Mumsnet obsessed with men who ride bikes?

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« on: August 07, 2019 »
Literally every Mumsnet thread about cycling*
Specially tailored to help stabby mums deal with the cycling menace.

*Am I Being Unreasonable to exaggerate?

Not so ineffably irked
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Here we go again. And again. And again. Poll added to validate wisdom by consensus.

Although I'm not entirely without sympathy for spokeinthewheel,

My other username is pumpinthespokes

the constant carping about cyclists gets – what's the word for it? – boring.

The truth, it burns

For a site fired by the righteous indignation of sexism, Mumsnet never lets a stereotype go unperpetuated. Why is taking up cycling in (hopefully) one's middle ages always a "crisis"? Isn’t trying new things a good thing?

PS. Colorful historical reading
PPS. There are few better time killers than AIBU.