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Cyclists never made out very well in The Sopranos. Sal Bonpensiero aka What's-a-5-letter-word-for-cat-begins-with-P? knocks one into a coma while playing Junior G-Man. Phil "I'm named after a ballet costume" Leotardo visits the darker side and gives 'bents a bad name by association with a certain Italian-American subculture. And AJ manifests a distinct lack of sympathy after a dooring.

Title is a Sopranos reference.

PS. What can happen if you read too many youtube comments


Grabbed this screenshot from Big Love, a series about Mormons (here's one now, in need of a restraining order). My wife tells me I should be wearing a helmet around the house. Bopped myself on the head with a ream of paper, of all things. Would've hurt less if it had Battlestar Galactica corners.

From Rich Hall's documentary Inventing the Indian:
"Geronimo was offered the services of a car in 1905 after he was incarcerated at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He turned the offer down...

The Bicycle Museum of America

Geronimo's actual name was Goyaałé, meaning "one who yawns"

It's a shame that bikes aren't used more often in The Walking Dead, as we're dealing with mostly slower zombies here.

This is an early scene from the pilot episode. Former lawman / future I-am-the-law man Rick is still a bit out of sorts after checking himself out of a hospital which is clearly no longer accepting private patients. Fortunately he's compos mentis enough to have chosen an upright model suitable for providing the best posture for vigilance to avoid becoming roadkill himself. The lack of a bell is eerie foreshadowing of the imaginary ringing he will later hear when he loses the plot after the death of his wife.

In the background lies unfinished business.

Bye bye Breaking Bad.

Of all Walter's crimes, perhaps the most chilling was when he ordered the death of Gale for being too quirky.

The vegan, Walt Whitman-loving, Major Tom and Crapa Pelada-singing, using a laser-guided infrared thermometer to check the temperature of water boiling in a kettle-ing chemist was doomed from the moment he came to work with this:


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