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Helmets on the brain
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Unfinished business

You'll fit right in.

If you count taking screenshots as working.

Too much time as a couch potato.

Maybe should've stayed on the couch.

Doogie Howser, M.D. and Ph.D. in applied physics

Malucci showing his usual lack of compassion, considering Mark's mom kicked the bucket.

I thought this was a teaching hospital.

Take the fifth, kid.

This is precisely what helmets are made for.

Another telepod transportation gone wrong. What was he thinking, getting in with his bike?


Schlemiel, schlimazel
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It's worth the trip to 1:14. First you have to count to 8

The Yiddish flew right past me in the dark ages before googling. Factory work never looked so fun; set today, they'd probably be schlepping to an Amazon warehouse and drug tested quarterly. I was prompted by this

to go back to 50s Milwaukee (we won't speak of the move to Burbank), which of course it shared with Happy Days.

Mike DeWine is the governor of Ohio,

which I'd like to visit again if I can get the timing right: after Covid-19 is cured, but before the zombie apocalypse which will doubtless be triggered by the vaccine. There's family to help evacuate to Canada, where the cold should slow zombies, and I’ve never been to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Encore, Michael McKean!

Music maketh the man muse

What is there to say about this show? Laverne & Shirley, that is. Sorry, not much more than the theme tune has stayed in my head. Screening an episode on YouTube didn't convince me further research would be a good use of time. [Judge in haste, reconsider at leisure. – Ed.] I do know that Penny Marshall became a director

and spent the 70s married to Rob Reiner, who graduated from All In The Family

to directing Spinal Tap's McKean aka David St. Hubbins aka Chuck McGill aka Lenny, real life friends with Squiggy. Here's a public service message with insight into the creative process @3:45

and here's another song by the woman who made dreams come true


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Comedy vehicle
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Modern Family

You're never too old to pull learn to ride.

Community speedwatch