Author Topic: It takes all kinds


It takes all kinds
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London Bike Show 2013
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You know you've taken n+1 too far when they're coming out of the walls

The grateful dead ride again

and again

Expect a visit if your bike is overdue

Not sure what these are, but Dorothy might like them

The same effect can be achieved by refilling your bottle at Sizewell

Beach hut parking

Wondering if she can slip out without anybody noticing

The BikeRadar demographic discusses forming a lynch mob for Lance before breaking out in an Oprah Hug

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch

Little known fact: all handlebars start out purple

Well known fact: few skewers start out turquoise

A couple of red light jumpers do community service

The sobriety test gets harder every year


It takes all kinds
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Kensington High Street, London