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Something in the water
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Let's start with the bad news. Public humiliation awaits when I roll back my promise to quit Netflix after their decision to switch all of us on the basic plan to one with /spits/ adverts unless we move up a notch and pay accordingly. This has been sold as a savings, as the price does indeed go down if you're fine with /spits/ adverts: the thought of paying for /spits/ them is almost too disgusting for words. But let's be honest. The chances I'll be satisfied with the dodgy but free and incredibly well stocked streaming service which supplied last night's entertainment aren't good. What's so difficult about having an enormous library for free (so far) and ensuring decent captioning at all times? I ask you. Netflix at least get the details right. I suppose having an ocean of money helps.

Give me something fun to do
like a flick with sharks on cue

Now for the good news. Something In The Water isn't half bad,

the evidence from that trailer notwithstanding. The dialogue is surprisingly decent, the cast likeable enough – not necessary, but it helps – and there are a few genuinely moving moments thrown in. So what the ending had my eyes rolling fast as a speeding Selachimorpha, which is the extent of my research.

Meaty review here.


Today's award for memorable mortality goes to Yvette in Wil.

Heel erg bedankt, ondertitels.

That train in the end. That utterly resigned, almost bored look on her face. No clip, sorry; you'd need to watch the film anyway to really feel it.

Came up in a search for 'Yvette'. Can be summarised as "I'm up here." Is that Doc Brown who arrives on the scene @.58? Indeed it is.

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I actually did it: took a stand and gave Netflix their walking papers.

Cancel culture

In addition to the dodgy streaming service mentioned above, a few free months of an Apple TV trial will aid my withdrawal from subscription video. I've also belatedly discovered Freevee. Then there's Channel 4oD, and of course YouTube (via the ad-nuking Duck Player), so all told, more than one man can reasonably watch in a lifetime. What do I have to complain about, eh?

The big red N gave me a multiple choice exit interview. Why was I leaving?

[✓] /spits/

How much of you is repetition
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Thanks Eric.
+ 80s New York - my time - yay!

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Haven't seen the film, but this was hilarious:

How culture got stupid
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Like a lot of '90s kids, I had strict rules growing up about what I was allowed to watch on TV—but with a twist. Unlike my friends, whose viewing restrictions were based on things like sex or violence, my mom had a single, esoteric standard: I was not allowed to watch anything “stupid.”

At first I found this bewildering, mostly because the definition of “stupid” seemed impossible to pin down...