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Open mic
« on: April 14, 2021 »
Hello you
my registered few
I'm rounding you up for a challenge:
to write up a rhyme!
we'll have a good tyme
anything less would be sacrilege.

Did I say rhyme?
Haiku's also fine.

I don't know what shape
this poem will take
what metre or scheme or how serious;
'twill be or not be
depending on thee
the paths that it takes might prove curious.

Did I say a poem?
It might be plural.

Give it a try
here's mud in your eye
perhaps we'll convert a few lurkers;
wordsmithery rules
our stanzas our mules
torture or bliss as they skirt the abyss that awaits every poem that can't find the right end oh my god make it stop I can't reach that outcrop and it's all for the sake of a word I can't find which approximately rhymes with said lurkers.


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Re: Open mic
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2021 »
I am channelin a bit ere - the P.A. mite be a tad miffed becos this right copy's a bit left field innit...

Deffo Defer

to the charitiers
because they know
what not to show

funds will flow
and we will go
to see the old muriels
Ho ho ho!

interview them -o so
differentially blow by blow
on British Library skewers

Lucent Valet

The use of Robo-Focus-Groups and recursive sys-anal to worm out the
kninks in AI-ethics development was a maestrestroke, btw buddy!

The sort-a-like method, yeah.
It wouldn't have worked without my classic analog-corder collection
- in fact that was whata sparked the idea. The old mucka was on at me again to prune the stuff,
and the whole shebang came at me in a mindful/CBT sesh - I reckon my uber-Id had outcyced the hypno-algorithmics again,
between you, me and the gatepost.
They let me hold on to vestigio-autist traits as a potential tech-innov y-no,
and abracad - it seems to be paying off!

So the New World Pioneer shoots for Alpha-C for next apogee, and you'll be on the crew?

Nah - we can do all the mon by remote now - it's prime-encryped on send and receive.
Just a bunch of ether-dots in tween-space, and
Bob and Roberta are going along to handle the s-n-r, with the activ-cephalopod firewall tranceivers
it's a piece of cake. I'm not an ops-bod tbh.

You didn't want to go? On the first live out-gal trip? What a miss-up!

I dunno, s'all been sit-proofed on Gany - quite a few G-heads missed their lux-vac last year
y-no. The sched-comp sigged me for ground-staff anyway. I'm not too miffed. Gotta lock-on in my personals right now.
It's complicatered!

Well congrats on the Marcuse-Kenobi medal pal. Good show. C-u in tech-gym. Sol!


Re: Open mic
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brain agape
mind the gap
I’m just an ape
with an app

« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2021 »
Can I get in on the action? There was a sign out front.


I stumbled in from haunted moor
to have a spot of tea,
no sooner had I opened t'door
when wolfie leapt on me!

He took a chunk out of my arm
and started on my throat;
the landlord said "He means no harm"
which seemed a cruel joke.

I know the English love their pets
they treat them as fur babies;
beasts as this will bring regrets
maybe even rabies.

As I lay in pooling blood
my life before my eyes,
wolfie changed back into bloke
and did apologise.

Reader, I exaggerate
it's called poetic license;
although that nip did seal my fate
it wasn't a death sentence.

In fact I'm happy to relate
our wedding will be soon!
that playful nip was our first date
spent howling at the moon.