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Magazine rack
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Alert readers will note by the puncture in the stem that this is a used C02 canister. This is not a review of the imperforate product.

The canister's chief value is as a memento of a flat tyre, which it does admirably. Being recyclable, its green credentials are intact if one takes as a given its necessity to begin with, though sticklers may offset the greenhouse effect of the previous contents. As to whether the carbon dioxide was worth the £2.00–2.50 it costs in bike shops, this is a bargain compared to gases such as neon.

An empty canister weighs 12g less than a full one, not the 16g advertised, which is why this received four stars instead of five. Weight conscious cyclists may prefer the less useful but undeniably lighter shell.

[see also horror vacui]

The government's Cycle to Wick scheme was dealt a blow when some MPs questioned the need to subsidise travel to the Highlands.

Located on the main road to John O'Groats, the royal burgh and former herring hotspot frequently sees cyclists passing through. According to a spokesperson for the tourist information centre, that's the problem: "We're too close to the end at the end of the end-to-end. They hurry past without spending much money. Due to this unfortunate accident of geography, we're suffering."

One of the most vocal critics of the scheme is Alan Johnson, MP for Kingston Upon Hull. It has been suggested that Johnson is still bruised by the Cycle to Hull promotion, which, due to an unfortunate typo, was advertised as 'Cycle to Hell' in most of the print media.

Wick boats the world's shortest street, at 2.06 meters. A cycle lane is planned.

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Guest Editor's note: I've never read Cycling Weekly, so I was surprised when the publisher grabbed me off the street to edit it. My vision for this issue is what I might as well be seeing when I glance at the cover on the newsstand.

Imagine my surprise when my labours were finished and I then bumped into Rouleur's Guy Andrews. "Long time no see!" I said. "Yeah, whatever," he replied, distracted by something off in the distance. "Look. Can you do this month's mag for me?" After we agreed on my complete artistic control, he hurried off, destination unknown.


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Magazine rack
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Magazine rack
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There's nothing which makes you feel quite as alive as riding a bike, and every bike has a story to tell. But bikes can't write; they're not even alive. That's where you come in. Send in your stories. Give the voiceless a voice, and The Ride Journal will give profits to a charity rather than offer you a token amount they're sure you would consider a slap in the face – which also makes you feel alive, or at least tingly.

Have a peek inside!


Magazine rack
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My mother sent me this from the States, a keepsake from the year I was born. I'm amazed how many cycling articles they used to run.