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A Rider's Digest
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The Guardian showing startlingly good taste

Why does anyone do anything on the web? Remove money from the equation, and you're left with... well, let's not make this any more complicated than it has to be. We're doing it for the fun of it. Also to create a reading room where you can browse without fear of dead links, and to help ensure that out-of-print doesn't mean out-of-reach.

That's from the FAQ of, registered 24 February 2000. I spent about four years chasing authors (including our current prime minister) to load it with stories, followed by sporadic updates and fixes until 2017 when I relinquished the domain. An unscrupulous operator immediately picked it up, content and all: faithfully indexed by search engines and generously linked to by popular sites over the years, it must have seemed attractive. My labour of love is now a zombie site plugging hotels.

I'd write more, but you know, been there, done that. I just wanted to direct a bit of traffic that way for old times' sake.