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Every day I write the book
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This is the thread. If you want the song, try here.

Margaret Thatcher

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Blair witch project
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The final final word:

Forward by Tony Blair

Byron's brainiac
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The title is mine, the cover illustration and nom de plume most emphatically not! Both doubtless calculated to "Pull in the punters". (This is the photo the artist was working from.)

I was also approched by the 'Idiot' people. Negotiations sank in a quagmire of botheration, and that project was abandoned, not before the following was dummied up:

Renaissance Man
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The clothes make the man
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Mary Wollstonecraft

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Favorite activity: Breaking glass ceiling into a million pieces
Guilty Pleasure: Wonder Bread
Ambition: Original Stories from Real Life optioned by Paramount
Favorite Book: Frankenstein (not ashamed to say I'm a proud mum)
Favorite Movie: Anything with Liam Neeson and I’m there, God help me
Favorite Movie Scene: Too many to list. Walter Matthau siphoning jam out of donuts with a straw in all seriousness made me laugh like a loon
Favorite TV show: Deadwood
Sports played: Arm wrestling
Pets: None, but I'm a secret admirer of Chompsky on social media
Foods I crave: Lindt without apology for the culinary typecasting of my sex
People I admire: Jordan Peterson, if only to set the cat among the pigeons
Favorite song to sing in the shower: Don't Be Stupid
Sexiest city in the world: The city that never sleeps, despite bad press
Good first date idea: A leisurely ride to a museum, then reading to each other long into the night
In the morning: I don’t do mornings, unless it’s a first date

Finally, is there anything you'd like to say your creator?
Gracious Creator of the whole human race! hast thou created such a being as woman, who can trace Thy wisdom in Thy works, and feel that Thou alone art by Thy nature exalted above her, for no better purpose . . . [than] to submit to man, her equal – a being who, like her, was sent into the world to acquire virtue? Can she consent to be occupied merely to please him – merely to adorn the earth – when her soul is capable of rising to Thee?

* The argument, not the war

Marx Larx
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The bewhiskered scamp who wrote Das Kapital was not without a playful side, as reported by his wife Jenny von Westphalen:

One day Karl brought a rabbit home, ostensibly for the kinder, but he kept it in his study and it always travelled with him in his coat when he went to the reading room. He refused to feed it “bourgeoisie” carrots, but allowed it to nibble his cheap cigars. For the record, its name was Engels, but secretly he called it Flopsy.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em
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Light reading
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