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I've been asked to compile an inventory of our library for insurance purposes.

Abigail Adams - The Write Stuff
Ansel Adams - The Decisive Moment
Louisa May Alcott - Short People
Buzz Aldrin - What's On Second
Hans Christian Andersen - Dressed To Chill
Mary Anning - Here Are My Dragons
Susan B. Anthony - The B Word
Antinous - Yo Hadrian
Marie Antoinette - Having Your Cake
Diane Arbus - Picture Perfect
Neil Armstrong - (A) Man
Cassandra Austen - Dear Jane
Jane Austen - You Complete Me

Charles Babbage - Vive la Différence
Tallulah Bankhead - Just Say Yes
Barbie - Ken and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance
Laura Bassi - Hot For Teaching
Sylvia Beach - Sylvia Beach Reading
Simone de Beauvoir - Shelf Life
Isabella Beeton - Cooking With Excel
Zina Bethune - It's Not Me It's You
Aneurin Bevan - Captured By The Rainbow
Mel Blanc - Filling In The Blanc
Anne Bradstreet - Virtue Is My Muse
Britannicus - When In Rome
Branwell Brontë - It Turns Out We Don't All Have A Book In Us
Emily Brontë - Keep Off The Moors
Patrick Brontë - The Brontë Bunch
Molly Brown - The Lady's For Turning
Margaret Wise Brown - Goodnight Moon
George Burns - God Was A Wiseguy
Barbara Bush - From My Loins

Julius Caesar - How to Win Friends & Influence Romans & Countrymen
John Cage - Hearing Things
Michael Caine - Just Blow
Caligula - Pornhubris
Maria Callas - Divine Disaster
Julia Margaret Cameron - I'm Ready For My Closeup
Mark Carney - Dressed For Success
Lewis Carroll - Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Elizabeth Carter - Don't Worry Be Happy
Jacques Cartier - Maybe it's the Lure of the Sea
Gene Cernan - At Last
Charlie Chaplin - Brother Can You Spare The Time?
Émilie du Châtelet - Femme Naturelle
Apsley Cherry-Garrard - Are We There Yet?
Nim Chimpsky - Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously
Kate Chopin - The Awokening
Clementine Churchill - Herstory
Claudius - Me Myself & I
Beverly Cleary - Ramona Quimby, 666
James Cook - Cook Book
Nicolaus Copernicus - Towards A Velocentric View Of The Universe
Oliver Cromwell - Who's Your Daddy
George Custer - My Last Trackstand

John Dalton - Adult Colouring Book
Virginia Dare - Truth Or Dare
Charles Darwin - Caress And Conquer
Jefferson Davis - Not My President
Anne Desclos - The Story Never Ends
Emily Dickinson - The Thing with Feathers
Helen Gahagan Douglas - Better Pink Than Fink
Bob Dylan - Forever Young

Amelia Earhart - Choose Your Own Adventure
Arthur Eddington - Feel Like A Number
Albert Einstein - Do The Math
Queen Elizabeth 1.0 - The Ermine Ceiling
Queen Elizabeth 2.0 - The Buck Stops Here
Ralph Ellison - SMIDSY
M.C. Escher - What Goes Around

Carrie Fisher - Furst Base
Barbara Follett - Written Out Of The Story
Anne Frank - Dear Everybody
Ben Franklin - Poor Man, Rich Man
Marilyn French - Room 101
Sigmund Freud - Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar
Betty Friedan - The Masculine Piss-Take

Galileo Galilei - Breaking Bad
Mahatma Gandhi - Can't Touch This
Greta Garbo - Sometimes A Greta Notion
Judy Garland - The Rough Guide to Kansas
George III - By George
Katharine Graham - Mammary Graham
Andrew Greeley - Sex in the Sacristy
Jacob Grimm - Let Me Down Easy

Thomas Hardy - Maddening
John Harrison - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Hugh Hefner - Master Of My Domain
Ernest Hemingway - Open Your Veins
Jimi Hendrix - Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy
James Herriot - Animal House
John Herschel - Busybody
Hermann Hesse - Home Alone
Marguerite Higgins - Girl War Correspondent
Edmund Hillary - Climb Every Mountain
Christopher Hitchens - Are You There God? It's Me, Christopher.
Adolf Hitler - My Life As A Meme
Abbie Hoffman - Steal This Bike
Harry Houdini - Of Human Bondage
L. Ron Hubbard - Die Hard
Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert Humperdinck

Ivan the Terrible - Read It And Weep

Anna Jarvis - Smothering Son Day
Jennie Jerome - A Name Of One's Own
Joan of Arc - Match Made By Heaven
James Joyce - Yes Means Yes

Franz Kafka - Kafkaesque
Immanuel Kant - No Kan Do
Kublai Khan - Dreaming of Porlock
Walt Kelly - Know Your Enemy: A Self-Help Autobiography
Jack Kerouac - Fork In The Road
Ken Kesey - Unsafe At Any Speed
John Maynard Keynes - My Life As An Adjective

Philip Larkin - Parenting
Stan Laurel - Lucky Dog
Emma Lazarus - When Breath Becomes Air
G. Gordon Liddy - Fear And Loathing Inc.
Abraham Lincoln - Surely You're Joking, Mr. Lincoln!
Little Carmine - De Something: The Nobiliary Particle In Action (not yet published, our members keep asking for it)
Ada Lovelace - A Very Explicit Function Of X
Martin Luther - Indulge Me
Rosa Luxemburg - Party Girl

Marvin the Paranoid Android - Have A Nice Day
Mary Tudor - How To Make A Bloody Mary
Princess Mary - Mary Meek & Mild
Harpo Marx - Mime Camp
Karl Marx - Lark: Pranks I played In The British Museum Reading Room
John McAdam - Roadie
Hattie McDaniel - The M Word
John McEnroe - Good Sport
Margaret Mead - Playing Doctor
Herman Melville - Too Big To Fail
Eddy Merckx - Alive
Spike Milligan – Amusing Ourselves To Death
Nancy Mitford - U Do U
Marilyn Monroe - The Monroe Doctrine: Spheres Of Influence
Mary Tyler Moore - Hear Me Moore
Jan Morris - The Female Eunuch
Lucretia Mott - Don't Get Sentimental On Me

Randy Newman - Bite Me
Florence Nightingale - It's Not About The Lamp
Harry Nilsson - The Talking Cure
Anaïs Nin - The Secret Diary of Anaïs Nin, Aged 33¾
Pat Nixon - Standing Pat
Richard Nixon - Reach For The Stars

Dorothy Parker - Baby It's Cold Inside
Rosa Parks - Busted
Mike Pence - Stepping Up
Samuel Pepys - And So To Blog
Prince Philip - Prince Charming
Sylvia Plath - Lazy Lazarus and Daddy Dearest
Edgar Allan Poe - Quoth Unquote

Ayn Rand - Supergirl Unhugged
Nancy Reagan - First Mommie
Keanu Reeves - Awakenings
Mandy Rice-Davies - Bird Calls
Jackie Robinson - Skin In The Game
Norman Rockwell - We Can't All Be Jackson Pollock
Auguste Rodin - I Yam What I Yam
Ethel Rosenberg - Proximity Fuse
Babe Ruth - Hit Me Babe One More Time

George Sand - Indiana George and the Temple of Swoon
Jean-Paul Sartre - Hell Is Other Forums
Arthur Schopenhauer - Misery Loves Philosophy
Robert Falcon Scott - Penguins For Dinner
Catharine Sedgwick - Eat Me
Erich Segal - Sorry
Anne Sexton - Womankind
Mary Shelley - Hear Me Roar
Hans Sloane - To Dust We Return
Adam Smith - The Invisible Handjob
John Snow - The Pump Don't Work 'Cause I Took The Handle
Mickey Spillane - My Body is Me!
Benjamin Spock - Kids These Days
Gertrude Stein - It Is What It Is
George Stephenson - Do The Locomotion
Harriet Beecher Stowe - Fighting Words
Anne Sullivan - Pranking Helen
Jonathan Swift - Tall Tales
Leo Szilard - The Crossing

Henry Fox Talbot - Take A Calotype It'll Last Longer
Major Taylor - Human Racing
Mother Teresa - Here Comes The Bride
Denis Thatcher - Mr Menace
Margaret Thatcher - Boo Hoo: My Life In Purgatory
Tiny Tim - Where I'll Be
Alexis de Tocqueville - L'Amérique est Foutue
Flora Tristan - Pussy Riot
Donald Jehoshaphat Trump - The Greatest Book In The World
Alan Turing - Cracked

John Updike - The Naked Rejection Slip
Uvedale Price (filed here because Updike is lonely) - Sublime Is My Middle Name

Amerigo Vespucci - Little Pink Houses
Voltaire - Free Speech for Dummies

Mary Edwards Walker - Clothes Horse
Arthur Wellesley - Like A Duke
Edith Wharton - Ethan Frome: Dreams Die Hard with a Vengeance
Mary Whitehouse - When Titles Fail
Walt Whitman - Say My Name
Laura Ingalls Wilder - There's Something About Mary
Mary Wollstonecraft - Frankly Giving A Damn
Virginia Woolf - Orlando
Fay Wray - Fatale Tamale
Wilbur Wright - Virgin Airways

Abraham Zapruder - My Other Home Movies