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A bit of all right
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Adult human female
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Begging the pardon of the great Susie B, that's got to be Robin Williams in an earlier incarnation.

Who wears short shorts
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Save the first dance for thee
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Ms. Bethune pulled over along Forest Lawn Drive in L.A. to come to the aide of a wounded possum. She was hit by an oncoming car that propelled her across the street where she was struck by another vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene. [You say Darwin Award, I say consider self fornication. - Ed.]

A former New York City Ballet soloist and the founder of a Los Angeles multimedia dance and theatrical company, Ms. Bethune starred opposite Harvey Keitel as "The Girl" (no names, please) in Who's That Knocking at My Door? She plays a rape victim rejected by Keitel due to her lack of purity. It's one of the most brutally honest depictions of a man's fear of the opposite sex ever filmed.
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No means no

You are here
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Oh to be able to visit a museum again

Twilight Zone System
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Doesn't rhyme with sin
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Memoirs of an invisible man
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You go girl
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Don't marry me you fucking cur*
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Which Mary? This Mary.