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Polymath wants Crackerjacks
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Don't worry be happy
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Da bomb
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Waste not want not
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Good egg or bad? You decide.

Boris Karloff
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"You see someone on the street, and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw."

From here to eternity
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Adjusting his bionic arm.

In space no one knows which end is up. This has always concerned NASA.

Houston refused permission to sing The Star Spangled Banner due to time/oxygen constraints, but allowed this:

Looking understandably worried after losing his helmet. "Where was the last place you used it?" asked Mission Control.

Cernan demonstrating how he was forced to slap Schmitt for ruining the song.

Not your drinking buddies
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Going down with the ship
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Actually... Susan Linville got there first, or at least before me.

These often turn into mini history lessons. I never knew, for example, that Thelma's dastardly husband (a Navy man, which also helped in the titling department) allegedly beat her.