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Alternative timelines
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Run that by me again
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Nim's birthday was actually last month; on this day in infamy, Noam made his appearance in the world.

An explicit function of X
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I'd like my birthday present now.

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Turn the world on
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with a smile.

Word is whoever caught Mary's hat became an honorary swingin’ single.

Road trip
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Deep thoughts
If the natives will trade, maybe I'll bring these home for the missus.

Jacques is a member of our exclusive Jacques Club, which includes Monsieurs Cousteau and Rousseau.

Title courtesy The Beautiful South

Fahrenheit 451
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Brûler pour la Parole

J is for
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I'd be surprised if I was the only one who found this particular WikiWow... a bit of a turn on.


It's Janes all the way down

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One man's style must not be the rule of another's.

Who's afraid of me
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GRR Edition – you've read it, now watch the horror show