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So far
If you don’t count cheating by going offline or across the road. And with apologies to teecee, whom I have listed as being on sabbatical, and shadow (not that one).

Screenshot: Ex Machina

I have achieved almost perfect equilibrium between not caring if anybody new stops by, and being ready to throw a party when they do. Ambivalence isn’t just intrinsic to my nature: it's the only way to keep from throwing in the towel.

A fellow who registered then promptly disappeared <sigh> popped up at CycleChat looking for company for a FNR from the train station to the start of the ride ttC. 44,000 members on CC, but if he’d only asked here, he would’ve had more luck. Or not, as it turned out, but still, <sigh>.

My co-administrator was under the weather

The first hurdle to NACF is finding it. The second is being interested enough to stick around, not to mention being interesting enough for me to want them to. The latter is actually an easy test to pass, as I think everybody is potentially interesting. But has the interestingness been trained right out of them? Forums are good at turning people boring (though they bow to the master, FB), even as moderation fails to weed out the dicks.

Say it again Al

His mother always told him if you can’t say something nice, say something nasty

Getting only the gooduns – people and posts – is an impossible dream. It doesn't work like that, much as I would like it to.

It's academic anyway. Users either go where their cycling buddies are, or to where Google sends them. As a mostly soloveloist with little interest in search engine optimisation, bland accessibility, or ersatz good vibes, guess where that leaves me. All I can do is keep the shop open.