Author Topic: May you live in interesting times


May you live in interesting times
« on: December 31, 2012 »

It's been a while since I've written horoscopes. It's going to be a longer while. Here are some old ones.

Full Speed Ahead

I Will Survive

Your Future Now

Written in the Stars

blame Pacsman, he started it


interesting times
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Made deadline. I can only hope the general public take heed.

The only extra information imparted by the stars which is relevant to cyclists is to strip all manufacturer information from your bike to prepare for the meteor strike which will render life on earth precarious though not impossible. When this alarming celestial event is announced on Twitter, looting will be rampant. Premo brands will naturally be first on the list of those no longer concerned with quaint concepts like property rights. It matters not that on that day of reckoning most everything of value will be twisted smoldering wreckage. It matters not that we naked apes will be reduced to the primitive needs of survival. It only matters that if you and yours make it through to rise Phoenix-like from the ashes, you haven't had your bike nicked first.