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The comics
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As a paperboy back when trees could more proudly sacrifice themselves to keep the public informed, one of my hands gripped bars a lot like that trophy on the upper left, whilst the other aimed deadly accurate [Mostly False - Snopes] missiles of news (and comics) at one aluminum screen door after another. I didn't actually aim for the doors, but often enough, BANG! I've been chased by a few dogs in my time, too.

Not sure what's going on with those antlers on the right.

Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman have a regular paying gig keeping people entertained and I don't, so they must be doing something right. It's just hard to see in this example.

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Speed Bump's hit rate is higher than most of the rest of the fare on the comics page I check regularly in my hometown paper.

Hammie and his sister are currently in a story arc involving said shoe. A fetish is born.

As a vegetarian, this did indeed make me gag a little.

Scott Adams wants a lot more of your time than it took to read this.

Blondie has always been oh dear.

I’ll say one thing for the often grim Funky Winkerbean: the faces aren’t as disturbing as many others on the page.

It would be a bit strong to call the toothless gaping mouths (this isn’t the best example) in FBOW my bête noire, but it is the funnies, so hyperbole is allowed.

I liked this one. It’s a nice reminder of how different animals navigate the world.

Separated at birth: Ziggy and that dog.

As with other oldies, the man is gone but the strip goes on.

Finally, here are a few the paper will never run, beginning with an offering from the all-too-fleeting Time Is A Flat Circus:


The bottom panels were left blank in the original, which is clearly an invitation to write your own.

reaction shot

For peak WTAF try this, which uniquely for Sophie Labelle’s work, almost turns a grimace into a smile at the end.

For first class comic curmudgeonliness see Josh.


Glory days
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Have been thinking a lot about lemonade lately. You know, life hands you a lemon, don't just toss it over your shoulder because you don't like funny-shaped fruit.

Click here to spoil childhood memories, here for more Josh, and here for the most excellent [if defunct] blog of yellowjkt. God I love blogs <shakes fist at Facebook>


The comics
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Kids today with their cell phones and their TikToks
and the unrealistic productivity demands placed upon them

Why I continue to read Joshreads.

Miss Buxley’s face isn’t what you would call “expressive” — it’s more what I would call “blowup sex doll” — but given that she’s juggling multiple devices to fulfill her work duties while her boss, who has given her all these duties, waxes nostalgic about the good old days, I do think her expression is successfully conveying the correct sentiment in panel two, which is “MURDER MUDER MURDER”.

Given that the Apparatus is led by a guy who wears a full-body gimp suit just to hang around the office and staffed by people like Doubleup, a dude with Dagwood Bumstead hair who carries a bullwhip around at all times, it’s extremely hilarious to me that they just have a regular-ass receptionist named “Joanne” out at the front desk fielding calls. I assume she sort of knows she’s taking messages about murders and such but in the grand scheme of things she’s not paid enough to care about it, you know?

The periods at the end of the sentences here really make this one grim. “Oh hey,” the dog-man says, without emotion. “A wheat penny from 1955. Huh.” There’s no joy or excitement in this realization. He’s not even sure why he checks anymore, really. Finding a wheat penny is just another thing that happens to him, from a long list of things that have happened to him, a list that is rapidly accelerating towards its conclusion.

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Paul Petard

I prefer the earlier funny peculiar stuff -


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Dave Coverly

(Not a joke for pedants)

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...with a little help from Oliver Hazard Perry. Earth Day 1970

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Ben Katchor

Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer is an old favourite from my NYC days. I first noticed Katchor in the New York Press, which had the good taste to publish both of us. (Obligatory link. And another. He had a much more regular gig.) The association here is that we pick up all kinds of ideas from wherever, some of which are rubbish or simply don't fit into the puzzle of our lives, some not. If I have to explain it I guess that means it's a bit of a stretch; such is the dizzying freedom in these pages.

An easier one would be this,

especially given the anniversary.

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