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Author Topic: What's in a name [. . .]

What's in a name [. . .]
« on: December 06, 2020 »

Second, I wanted a new board, or a renaming of an existing one (‘Stories’), to better accommodate the inenarrable. As the shortlist grew longer

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Highway 61
Area 51
The Slaughtered Lamb
Gray Matter
Group Therapy
The Hub
Group Fucking Hug
Scriblerus Club
The Pen and Sword
Anything Goes

Not so much a shortlist as a basket of ideas.

my patience for shortlists grew shorter. So I went back to the source, where it was staring me in the face:

Ellipses be damned!

Third, this decision doesn't have to be final. How many are?

Highway 61
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Change is in the air.

It turns out I like the idea of The Slaughtered Lamb being on Highway 61.