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À la recherche du temps perdu
« on: September 17, 2019 »

Seriously, I spent more time working on my last post than on the road. If it gets your thoughts moving in so many different directions on so many levels you need a spreadsheet designed by Escher, I’ll have done what I consider to be my job. (Yes, I can do a 'normal' ride report: exhibits A, B, C, D.) If it’s not your cup of tea that’s fine, there’s other tea out there, though not nearly enough. An event like this needs a multiplicity of views to make it whole.

There are lots of old FNRttC accounts buried in the historical strata of the increasingly arid CycleChat rides board* and scattered about on blogs, with more lost in the wreck of the good ship acf. It would be nice to have a master index of them. I don’t see that happening.

I would've liked a big collection of fond ride memories in the replies to the Guardian piece, but that didn’t happen either.

Facebook isn’t built for stories; it’s barely fit for purpose for sentences. The seemingly anachronistic forum is a superior vehicle in almost every way, but my wish for an anthology to materialize here may be the definition of fanciful.

As the man says, you can’t always get what you want. Surprisingly often, you indeed get what you need (the ability to retrofit your expectations also comes in handy). Right now I need to get back on my bike, having set it aside after my somewhat creaky [both body and bike] journey home from Brighton. In order to truly relax I'll first have to diagnose what's up with the Enigma before heading into the 3-5 or preferably a bit later – god knows it would be easy enough to dawdle till dawn's early light.

It all comes down to time: time to read, time to write. Time to ride in the first place.

PS. That classy-looking contraption actually makes coffee, not tea. Did anyone remember to bring the madeleines?

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I switched Adrian from colour to B&W, which seems fitting. Also gave him a tour of the effects dept.

Also, I just noticed that this post's exhibit A, 'Almost Wrath', contains a glaring error (also not caught by the editor at Cycling Plus 19 years ago): Paris Brest Paris is definitely not annual. Unfortunately I can't correct that at present.

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