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Today in history
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Jimmy Carter walked to his inauguration. Bill and co-president* Hillary opted to pedal along the Potomac (looking particularly tidal that day) on the way to theirs.

Hillary was actually the stronger rider, but held herself in check for the press and the sake of the nation, which was not yet ready for a woman to take the lead.

* Déjà Two is clever, but I'll reserve judgement on the rest of the piece. As for the elections later this year, NOTA has my support, with Sanders a close second.

Click here for more presidents on bikes.


Today in history
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The inaugural Tour de Trump launched from Albany NY in 1989 in a bid to be America's Freedom Fries answer to the Frenchie  version. There were protests

which the police controlled using water canons loaded with champagne. The spectacle finished in front of Trump's casino in Atlantic City, with Norwegian Dag Otto Lauritzen claiming the orange jersey

and a free lap dance by Donna Brazile.

Still getting work in the post-noughties: "Acts of service can indeed cross boundaries."
You can't make this stuff up.

Sponsorship later changed to chemical company DuPont, which pulled the plug in 1996. The final race was won by up-and-comer Lance Armstrong.

Wow, I can predict the future