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It's Greek to me

My ideal forum, or nonforum as the case may be, would require no rules or explanations. It would be so user-friendly and intuitive that you wouldn’t have to puzzle over anything. You'd just get it.

Excepting perhaps the rules part, that's the usual goal, isn't it. You put up as many boards as it takes for the sorts of threads you want to fall naturally into place. CycleChat, for example, has over 50. On I stopped counting after 70.

For NACF (think of it as a koan) I wanted something simple, and as elegant as our logo. Simple can be devilishly complicated.

The following is where explanations might not go amiss.

Freewheeling is a personal fusion of the topical and otherwise; I don't believe in OT (or zombies). About the Bike is more nuts & bolts.

Friday Night Ride to the Coast is for club members who get lost and find themselves here instead of across the road.

When you hear Free For All probably the first thing you think of is a melee. That's not what I'm after here, but it pleases me to tease the possibility while offering a civilised space for discussion.

Highway 61 is the other main noncycling board, meant for everything not fitting anywhere else. It's our Empire waist.

Specialist Subjects takes its name from the British game show Mastermind. It’s meant to be a place where you can wax long and lovingly about a particular subject.

Any Questions? probably doesn't require an explanation, but note that it's only visible once you login. It's also a place to try things out.

Threads have been known to wander from board to board.

January 19, 2038 is the

Until then you can edit your own posts without a time limit. You can rename your threads. You can delete your own account – even ban yourself for high crimes and misdemeanors. I’m not going to list all the permissions because they could change (like everything else), but I try to make possible what I’d want as a user, as balanced against what seems fair to others. Eutopia, or utopia?

You’ve come a long way, baby

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