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The mod gaze
« on: February 05, 2021 »
– Started a thread on CycleChat about the differences between sex and gender called 'No gender please, we’re British'. It was removed without explanation.

– Started a thread asking why it was removed, on their Site Support board.

After posting I realised it was against the rules, and expected it to be taken down. It was allowed up for a week, during which there was no reply forthcoming. When I reported my own OP and asked pretty please for the thread to be brought back, there was also silence. I began to think there was a flyer like this pinned up in the back room:

– Started a new thread called The Male Gaze. The natives became restless, conversation disruptors almost to a man.

Note that Drago is a self-described "Flouncing Nobber”

This thread also didn't meet with approval.

It was then removed.

At this point, unable to take a leaf from the book of a fellow forum traveller

My strategy for avoiding crushing disappointment is to assume everything I write will be deleted, and that it's mainly a matter of time before getting banned.

I’d had enough. I’m done, outta there, so long and no thanks for all the angst.

It's said that guests on a free site are not owed anything. This isn’t strictly speaking true. As providers of content and clicks to an enterprise created and run to make money for the owner, we’re hardly freeloaders. We're owed a fair hearing.

Mr CC, when you chose your proxies, you chose... poorly.

Trope, we'll meet again

Here's the post in question, kicking off another thead at YACF. This has been described as a swan song, started on my behalf.

The mods attempted to save me from more lost time* by banning me for the post you're reading now (the "flounce" in question) as well as for having the nerve to start the same conversation elsewhere.

*Clearly to no avail.