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Primum non nocere
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Not long ago my wife had transabdominal/transvaginal ultrasounds conducted by a male sonographer with a female chaperone. I needn't go into detail other than to say that he fumbled his way through the exam, culminating in the probe being put in the wrong place then hurriedly put in the right one, prompting my wife to tell him to please stop unless he wanted to give her an infection. At this point the chaperone, who turned out to be the more experienced of the two, joined her in a chorus of complaint.

She left the medical centre in quite a bit of distress. She then wrote to the company, a private firm used by the NHS. After a series of letters back and forth she was informed just yesterday that "the sonography practitioner who performed your scan has been allowed to move on." Fortunately she didn't get an infection. She did, however, get justice, and the relief of knowing other women would be spared.

Also not long ago I went in to the dreaded London for a scan of my own, as well as other tests. One of them was an abdominal fat biopsy. It left me with the most spectacular bruising I've ever experienced, which was expected, and pain at the site to this day, which the doctor has told me isn't typical. In pre-Covid times the biopsy might have been put on hold to await the results of other tests, but in this case it was deemed a good idea so another trip to the hospital wouldn't be immediately necessary.

Mine is not a complaint. It is merely an observation that in examining me for a disease which thankfully I turned out not to have, I was left with an injury – probably a hematoma, but I’ve been advised to get it scanned if the pain continues. This stuff happens all the time, I know.

Have you had any medical procedures which left you worse off?

Primum non nocere
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Well, my boys were lopped off at a young age. So there was that.