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Tokyo Fixed
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This is a small shop settled cozily in Soho, a neighbourhood in London which, before it started catering to the phone box card set, used to be a rabbit hunting field – "Soho!" being the call when prey was sighted, for etymological (Latin for "If you say so") reasons. NOTE: WE LIKE MR RABBIT HERE.

There are comic books* next door for those who want to buy a Superman to go with that Superfixed. Actually they don't just sell fixed, which is nice, but as you would expect that's the main item on their menu. The top floor has bikes on display, bags, clothes, more bags, magazines, accessories, and the friendly man – I've only seen men so far – who will be pleased to take your money.

Though floorspace is at a premium they've never minded me bringing my unfolded folder inside. Speaking of friendly, they are, in my experience. Even to those of us who freewheel in to their niche market and don't buy anything. Today.

Helpful staff volunteer as human bike stand.

Downstairs is the harder stuff: shiny components under glass and hanging from racks like low hanging fruit, many more dangling bikes, and a workshop right in your face.

Take the stairs or climb the frame ladder.
Here's a rabbit's eye view from below. Assuming they have infrared vision.

Workshop personnel will be pleased to remove all your gears and put them in a doggy bag for you.

Advice is there for the taking. Returns have been no problem. Lust sometimes is.

* The only one who could ever reach me

Tokyo Fixed later moved to a bigger shop and changed its name to Kinoko.
Then it closed.