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This is it for me. Where I come to relax and write sentences complete and otherwise. Alas it’s not heaven. I’m not sure how heaven would look. On a bike, the big city is nirvana. The countryside where I live is pretty close to paradise too, but I need to play in real traffic to achieve bliss: strange but true. I guess heaven would let me visit 'hell'.

As it is with cycling, so it is with online life. Here, everybody knows my name because I am almost everybody.*

Let’s just say it doesn’t meet all my needs. Enter CycleChat. Exit CycleChat. (Even Chompsky soured on the place.) Enter yacf. Yes, that yacf. Time moves on and we move with it. I'm now keeping a packed bag by the door.

* Who’s Who

Or, people (some quite historical now) who aren't me:

Lazlo Shunt
Humbug & friends

I think that’s a complete list.


Yankee Doodle Dandy
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Me again. Living proof that one person can tango (though two or more is just dandy).

Am settling into the new digs. Still have the Go bag, now on the shelf in the hall closet.


Fewer smileys than the old days. I must have made an impression.

Back to no likesies, which is a relief; yet you can see how people who are used to them might feel their world has suddenly become barren.

Participation level at The Slaughtered Lamb is manageable.

Good security arrangements for the politics board, or cavern as I think of it as it genuinely feels like you're underground. It's so tempting I've posted a few times, then thought better of it. Naked Capitalism is my primary politics trough.

Behind the times when it comes to responsivity, but that doesn't appear to be an issue thanks to Tapatalk. I never knew what that was until today! Makes sense to outsource.

Excellent choice, librarian. This was also nicely done. I wonder if you're the same librarian I chose all those years ago? We'll never know.

. . .

This isn't the usual board for cycleforumchat: that's the next floor up, above the mezzanine.


A tale of two forums
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It was the best of forums, it was the worst of forums. But which was which?

Busy busy busy. Always plenty to read. Apparently unlimited upload of pics. Great software. Mostly absentee landlord clearly in it for the £ rather than the ❤ of cycling. Moderation all too often the opposite of primum non nocere – facite quod prius nocere?

Busy busy. Also plenty to read, with more members who take care in the writing. Software doesn't have the same polish. (Naught wrong with SMF. I prefer their philosophy, and here there be wizards.) Sapere aude.

B. Classy. (Latin innit.) Plenty to read here, too. Wide open spaces: some say tumbleweeds. Freshly updated to 2.0.18. Despite that, tending anachronistic. Not a forum, duh. Credo quia absurdum est.


All roads lead
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