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About these gloves
« on: March 02, 2021 »
Manufacturer: Don't know. There's a P on them. Or it could be a lowercase d.

d = delish?

Fingerless gloves are often called mitts. I won't be doing that here, to avoid confusion with other famous mitts.

What is one to make of these? They have the requisite number of openings for fingers and thumbs: indeed, more than enough if you're missing a few. I bought them because my old gloves are getting older, a trend which seems likely to continue.


They're a little big because I bought extra large to accommodate a whole other pair of gloves underneath them (kindly don't look at me that way). If there was a size between large and extra large, that would've been nice. At least the velcro actually stays all stuck down, the lack of stick downability having proven irksome in the past.

There's too much padding. My other ones have almost zilch, so I thought this would be an improvement, but it's like switching to a too comfy-looking saddle: thanks but no thanks. When I'm gripping the handlebars I want to feel handlebars, not lumpen mediators.

The white was a mistake. I knew this when I pulled the trigger (who came up with that phrase anyway? It's ghastly). But it's so hard finding anything which ticks the requisite boxes, including:

– Not too ugly
– Material not too high tech, and which I won't mind the feel of against my face as I wipe sweat off it
– Price not too silly (£15)

Don't look into the light!

But white gets dirty. Granted all colours get dirty, but most don't look as grubby as white looks. Because white is meant to be white and nothing less. Yes I know white is not a colour.

Construction is a good combination of materials: sweat absorbing around the thumb, lightweight on the top, leather on the palm, stretchy band around the wrist. Longevity is an unknown.

There are loops to help you pull them off. Nice idea. Too generous though. These could be used to snare an animal.

Don't fall for it!

Would I buy them again? Probably, because not being able to see them in person, I wouldn't know any better. Should I have bought them in the first place? That's a good question. Will I ever wear them again? Time will tell.

Rating on a scale of 1-2: 1
Rating adjusted for value: 15/15
Technical rating: 17,0511 out of a possible 22,785 points

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