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Wild thing
« on: March 10, 2021 »
Have I learned my lesson not to poke the hornet's nest with a bear claw? Only time will tell.

We've all got our comfort zone safe haven panic room (cross out as appropriate). For some, it's a community of like-minded amazons individuals standing firm against the looming dystopia even as their compatriots get picked off one by one; others find bliss in the fight club of twitter or even {gasp} cycling forums. This nest of PHP <whatever that is> and BBCode suits me down to the ground.

Personally I long for the impossible: a place where people of polar opposite views

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It doesn't get much more polar opposite than "If you deny that I'm really a woman despite my penis, you deny my very existence" and "Sorry mate, but that penis, though it doesn't encapsulate your entire being no matter how big it gets, is one of nature's ways of telling you that you are indeed a bloke." And that's probably enough penis for one post.

out on the town

True story: when I was at university one of my roommates threw a party and baked a slab of angel food with a large MEMBER as cliteral icing on the cake. I don't remember who got the shaft.

only for spoiler addicts
Yes I like these spoiler things. I wish they were available in spoken conversation.
can thoughtfully exchange those views without either party leaving in a huff or congregating in cliquey huffs: all hosted by yours truly. My CV has large gaps and includes shortcomings too numerous to bullet point, though in the spirit of candour I'll give it a shot:

• I don't really want to invite guests who might mess up the feng shui. People probably pick up on that. "I've rarely replied in any of your threads because it feels as if I'd just be cluttering up a well-appointed stylish room with a lumpy, worn out sofa" as one correspondent put it.

Long stretches of time as a singularity can do that to a person. Think of the traditional housewife's grumble when her husband retires, only to redeploy underfoot in the kitchen...

Ambivalence, thy name is Pandora. Or Al.

• I'm uncomfortable around people who radiate dishonesty or have proven untrustworthy /coughClare/. Free For All is well and good, but do I have the chops to back it up? Like a political party sitting in opposition, big talk is easy.

• My history of atrocity. Not a strong selling point, even spun as rakishness. It turns out wild things don't actually make everybody's heart sing.

We close, of course, with a song. Just not the one I was expecting. I bloody like this despite every fibre of my being saying NO.

PS. Stick around, or not. I'll be here.