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In the news
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Read all about it.

I see from the comments that my old friend Cugel has weighed in. Fortunately most people aren't buying what these guys are trying to sell.

Quote from: Brauchsel
Great, I'm looking forward to no woman ever winning a major trophy in any speed- or strength-based sport again, and boxing is going to be magnificent when the upstart flyweights have to mix it with men twice their size.

In fact, it's pretty arbitrary that we restrict some sports to "humans" on the say-so of some fusty Victorian naturalist who probably supported eugenics.
It's all perfectly normal, I'm sure professional athletes are regularly beaten by people who only took up the sport four years ago in their mid-20s. These ciswomen probably just need to try a bit harder or go through male puberty or something.

Inclusivity overload

As long as we're on the subject:

Why ‘Meaningful Competition’ is not fair competition

And let's not forget Boys vs Women.

Do I care about sports?


But lots of people do.

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The Emperor is wearing lycra.

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