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Wrong 'uns
« on: April 26, 2021 »
In our household, Amazon is the devil. As in, can't find it anywhere else, guess we'll have to try the devil. Time will tell if giving in just lightly singes our souls, or we'll be spending an extra 10,000 years in purgatory for every item picked & packed by a warehouse worker who's already there, then swiftly delivered to our door by someone who doesn't even have time to attend to basic animal functions.

Facebook, how do I loathe thee?

Let me count the ways. Here's one more:

That's what I get for an innocuous post about the Bay City Rollers. Evidently there’s an algorithm that isn't a fan of tautologies. Whatever the issue, it was a reminder of what you're dealing with: a stupid big monolith of stupidity.

Mea culpa for being stupid enough not to stay quit the last time I quit. Like the man said, when something's not right, it's wrong.

Sweet talk won't work, Zuck

Sometimes I wish I'd never even started on forums, but the measure of independence and freedom of expression they can provide is a balm for the soul.

G**gle. What is it about being the best at what you do (before throwing it all away) that leads to corruption? I mean besides money.

Twitter. I don't put this in quite the same league as the others, despite its malign influence on our communications. This is chiefly because it’s a good simple platform for laughs. But as with the mobile phone, I could be happy in a world without it.

Rupert Bear. Just <<SHUDDER>>