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You know how you wonder if that noise is coming from the bottom bracket?

Yes, definitely a problem there. My bike almost threw me off, as if to say "Save yourself!"

This wasn't the first crack:

or even the second:

"Now that's what I call a dropout"

It was just the last.

The bike is clearly a write-off. And so, it turns out, am I as a customer of Enigma. Sold with a "lifetime" warranty (back before they changed it to 10 years with a "Loyalty" scheme which leaves much to be desired), Jim Walker has made it very clear to me that lifetime doesn't mean anything close to that. I wasn't expecting to ride it till I was 100 – as if – but I surely expected more than a decade on the road and multiple frame failures.

They've now asked for £600 to build a new one. I think I'll pass.

On another note of finality, I only just learned that Mark Reilly, the man who measured me up for it, died a few months ago.

I came across this on his Twitter feed, from back when he started Nerve Bikes. Having written my share of shall we say bold letters in my time, I retroactively approve.

We don't get a huge amount of traffic here, but perhaps one day somebody with money they're about to spend on a titanium bike will stop by. If he or she then crosses Enigma off their list, it will be one of these:

This is just the beginning of my new hobby of spreading the word.

Blinkin heck - that is bad welding. Temperature stress in cooling the P.A. reckons. Wot a shame.

An open letter to Jim Walker

As it happens I have, or should I now say, had an Enigma-sized chunk o'change set aside for my 'retirement present'. Someone else will be getting that now. Other companies honour lifetime warranties.


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