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--- Quote ---…perhaps one day somebody with money they're about to spend on a titanium bike will stop by. If he or she then crosses Enigma off their list, it will be [a little victory].
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: workload on May 19, 2021 ---As it happens I have, or should I now say, had an Enigma-sized chunk o'change set aside for my 'retirement present'. Someone else will be getting that now. Other companies honour lifetime warranties.

--- End quote ---

How about that, it took literally one day. It’s not often a wish is fulfilled so speedily. I know this man, and full disclosure, I invited him here to repeat the same thing he's said elsewhere. I reckon he has a good amount of cash to buy whatever bike he desires.

Enigma, when you chose not to do right by a customer who's suffered enough, you chose... poorly.*

It’s my educated guess that you’ve just lost much more than you would’ve otherwise spent. I think this calls for a happy dance.

I could stop now, pleased to have effected the first karmic justice in this affair (that I'm aware of), but it'll be more fun coming up with new ways to spread the word. My frame may be dead, but trust me, it's going places.

* Sailing uncomfortably close to Godwin territory. Needless to say I don't think my new enemy are Nazis. They are, however, baddies.

I asked the P.A. ter elaborate a bit -

Hiya - well I have never welded Ti - few have. I do - incidentally, have a Ti tibia insert.

Most folks are satisfied with a good weld penetration through both sides in welding steel. The weld is then stronger than the surrounding metal. I was immediately struck with the tight pattern of the welds - this would imply careful work but much more local heat differential during the process. I looked up Titanium and it is particularly problematic - more fragile than steel once its integrity is challenged. I would suggest heating the whole shebang before welding Ti and cooling slowly in an annealing oven.

If you are highly motivated and have time and resources to spend you could get it x-rayed by a metalurgist and pursue redress.

on edit:
I was wrong about Titanium welding, or at least not right, basing my ideas on steel. Having read the linked post from someone discussing inert gas to prevent oxidisation around and not just at the weld site I feel better educated, so thanks.

For readers unfamiliar with Humbug, he is indeed a rabbit. He reminds me a little bit of archy's namesake.

He's lucky enough to have a Personal Assistant to look after his needs. She is handy with an angle grinder (I just had to look up "What tools do welders use?") as well as a keyboard.


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