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My Struggle
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It's an old
meme, but de rigueur:

The role of a lifetime

It's inevitable that talk of solicitors has come up on some of the threads where this is being discussed.

The fine print
Literalists take note: I'm not a morally compromised lawyer any more than I am a dictator with the crumbling powers of the state at his disposal.

PS. What are we going to get Better Call Saul back? A discerning viewing public grows weary with waiting!

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MichaelB @ WW

At the end of the day, I think the thread is a great example of a problem well presented, no bitching or slander, but details and facts, and examples of poor practice from the supplier.

Some posts of the week:

Your frame did not die in vain, that bunker script is quite accomplished!

@anothersam, your latest post including the youtube video is probably the most entertaining thing i've ever read here

I have had to watch it's even better the second time

Enigma may want to use this to reflect and review their policy.


Please read
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For the time being I am largely refraining from commenting on this further. This is on advice from wise counsel: my wife. Taking a page out of Rudyard Kipling's book, she is The Committee of Ways and Means. After all, my original purchase did require her approval, in the interests of continued marital harmony. We have developed a system whereby I run things by her, and she applies the relevant stamp.

Perhaps those of you who are married employ a similar system, which in theory works both ways.

It retroactively occurred to me that this post should have been run by her before I shared it with the world, or at least the portion of it which follows current events. If she had, she might have sweetly said to me "Dearest, have you actually read the 'now standard 10 year warranty'? Because it does not include labour costs."

One may be forgiven for assuming it did, because my previous two repairs did not include a bill for such. Then again I had a lifetime warranty, rather than their current offering.

I implore you, reader, to always read. Tl;dr should never cross your mind. If you can't be bothered, give it to your own Committee of Ways and Means.

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