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New bike!
« on: June 01, 2021 »
Not entirely sure you're warranted, Mr Exclamation Point, but I'm looking forward to making this rideable as my new break-in-case-of-emergency bike, the Langster having been promoted:

How do you solve a problem like Blue

– Needs new bottom bracket.
– Chainline was off thanks to badly fitted freewheel. Am having a new wheel built with a BMX hub like so, to allow for simple cogs.
– Platform pedals weren't going to get me up these hills, buddy.
– Bar tape wouldn't go amiss.
– 1/8 chain? I'll stick with 3/32, thank you. That means a new chainring. Preferably new cranks while I'm at it.

Here's a closeup of that BB:

WTF is that, Bakelite or something? I broke the bloody thing trying to get it out. As I knew I would.

Yes, it's a little beat up, as befits a beater.* And about an inch larger than is ideal. But it's light, and was about the same price as the headset on my non-beater.**

***Not sure I'm cabable of owning a true 'beater', which is impervious to rain and all care.

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While it may not be deserving of a rhapsody,

this is OK with the transplants. Here it is on its first proper ride, posing in a bike graveyard.

Those wheels have also since been replaced. The one in back was clunky loose. As for the front, bolts have never inspired my absolute loyalty, and a mixed marriage with Q/R does not disturb.

I considered a new stem cap because gouged isn't my favourite look, but was won over by this particular shade of blue.

The headset probably isn't a lateral move from Chris King. As long as it does its job it can stay.

One has had to make peace with certain cosmetic deficiencies. Still, I prefer scuff marks to decals/free advertising (says the man going on about Chris King).

Some things are easier to upgrade than others. Currently slumming it with a sprinkling of rust.

Bolts don't grow on trees you know!

Top of the forks looks bubblelicious – has that been heat treated too?

This is so pretty I was tempted to put it on despite the fact that it's a fixed gear cog and isn't coming anywhere near a bike of mine.

It came with the new wheel, an immediate replacement for the one I just had built around an apparently defective hub <sigh>.

Btw, as far as I'm concerned aluminium is the new titanium: except when it comes to chainring bolts, where steel is real. Or at least less likely to turn into a roundhead.