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Just Do It
« on: May 12, 2013 »
A response to Winnipeg CycleChick's excellent and useful Dos for Women on Bikes.

#1 – Love thy brother
You can chick us. We can take it.
Most of us can.
Well, some of us.
A few egalitarian souls, maybe.
OK this is a hard one. Brothers, take heed of #5.

Bobby Riggs about to get chicked by Billie Jean King in 1973

#2 – Wear what you love
Right on! (Sorry, still stuck in the seventies for a minute.) Even if it's Rapha. Just don't be a fashion victim.

Pretty in pink?

#3 – Go with the Flow
The only thing I can offer here is this, courtesy my stream-of-unselfconsciousness: Men: Don't be afraid of a little blood. Chances are your woman won't be in the mood for romance during her special time of the month, but if she is, go with the flow and Harden the Fuck Up. (See #5. I have a feeling that one is going to be popular.)

The Duke would do it

#4 – Go Commando
Or just go all the way.

#5– Harden the Fuck Up
Fuck yeah.

Also, real men aren't worried if stripes make them look fat

#6 – Ride with Men
Or with the right women (see #1).

pic from here

#7 – Never underestimate the Power of a Good Saddle
Or you could just Harden the Fu—  no, she's right.

#8 – Know Thy Bike
Agreed. Learn the basics.

#9 – Wear a Helmet
That depends how seriously you're taking #5. Personally I've done this

and still don't wear a helmet. Then again, I don't race. Not officially.

#10 – Master the Nature Break