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Today in history
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Masks were mandated to block transmission of the Spanish Flu virus. To encourage compliance, all the air was sucked out of the UK (they used giant fans), with handy ration coupons for oxygen tanks. "Nature abhors a vacuum and so do we!" shouted the libertarians, but a hardier populace stuck with it. When the threat level was downgraded from Extinction Event to Moderately Culling, the fans were turned off and masks made optional. Most continued to wear them for awhile as a sign of national unity. Those were different times, to be sure.

Cricket remained compulsory.

Jump rope used to be made of razor wire until a campaign by Mothers Against Stumps put a stop to it.

Note the unmasked in the background, itching for the internet to be invented.

Artistic expression was encouraged, as long as everybody painted the same thing.

Faces became like forbidden fruit, everything below the neck ignored for a chance to see the mask slip.

"The family that masks together tasks together." Didn't catch on.

This famous picture of a factory shift change did little to quell concerns that prolonged use stunted growth.

Pointing the way to a brighter tomorrow.


Today in history
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The Suffolk seaside village of Dunwich was overwhelmed by cyclists performing their annual ritual of renewal and cleansing. After a long night's journey into dawn, they paid their respects to Neptune and to each other, consumed the sacred fry-up, then returned home to their mortal lives.