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WeLcome back
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Bloo rij with many gears

After discovering a crack in May (not the month, full of fractures as it was), I threw my Litespeed on the scrap heap for as long as it took to find someone other than YOU-KNOW-WHO who can weld titanium. And so we begin our third decade.

Both to celebrate new life and fill a certain lemon-shaped hole, I went from straight

to curly. It was a better idea than reinstalling downtube shifters, which believe it or not I nearly did as an ode to folly. They weren't going to be connected to anything other than my mood.

It's rare for me to put a bike completely together (and I still didn't 100%, as most of the headset stayed in situ for the repair). It was fun. I didn't even mind buying, wrapping, then having to cast aside handlebars which were too wide. It helped me lose any vestigial fears of taping.


back to scrap
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The repair (which I appear to have posted more about there than here) cracked through.