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Quality control
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How does someone become a professional ie paid cyclist ?

The subject does not stir me, but I do like a bit of TMNspotting.

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In answer to the OP's question - get a job working for Just Eat.

TMN = Tinymynewt, former forummer. Became both a verb and the object of that verb (if my grammar and logic are sound) after posting something more or less repeated without attribution once too often. It's not cricket.

It's also not a crime, particularly on long threads. Still, be the wheat, people, not the chaff.

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Naked URL in place of the thread title because it was pulled from public view by the time I got back to it (if only I wasn't so diligent in culling my tabs!). NCA = the News and Current Affairs board, forever a thorn in the side of the moderators. I can't remember exactly what it was about, but did manage to grab a choice quote from NCA regular Arrowfoot before it disappeared:

I am not picking on the mods who do a fabulous job handling egos and I am also aware that it is practice that Shaun put in place. Members views can help provide guidance.

Fulsome praise of the mods is a time-honoured technique to help smooth any bumps in your personal road. Who knows, it may even be genuine. It may also provoke the following.