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fnrttc sputnik
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61 miles, not too tough on the toughometer.

Rain ain't your problem.
Don't forget to line your hat/cap/helmet with tin foil:

According to the linked story there doesn't appear to be much danger to our brains this weekend. However, as Ra's "plasma belch" may be an issue "for people operating satellites in low orbit" I'm going to instruct my personal satellite to attempt evasive action.

As the night progressed I seemed to upset a couple of people, the general theme seemed to be I had undertaken them and this was voiced, IMHO I had not come past at excessive spring speeds and was just keeping an average pace and it was their road positioning which permitted me to creep past, if they were cycling on the left I never would have been able to do this,.. Who's right and who's wrong I don't think we will ever agree on, but I expect what is right is some where in between both views.

The British hate undertaking. Americans, we're not too bothered, as long as you don't also pull out a gun.

. . .

This was my first FNRttC of the year. I enjoyed my usual taking-the-train-up-to-cycle-in-London! Yay! adrenaline rush, followed by a stop at the Swiss embassy. Next a very calming glide through Hyde Park to meditate by the Serpentine. I think the night owls the next bench over were medicating.

The first couple hours were bliss. I enjoyed going up the hill in Coulsdon so much I promptly turned around and did it again. Had a bit of catching up to do after that, but I savour those alone times. I may be the only person that goes on these rides to get away from people. The FNRttC gets all kinds.

Although of course I knew the rains would come (having taken a dip in my neighbour's pool the other day, "Just think of it like swimming"

I told myself), I had underestimated its effect on my mood. Haven't done much wet work these past several years; the sense of innocent pleasure was MIA for me last night.

Preferring to suffer in solitude, after some soggy contemplation at the scout hut I quietly slipped away and rode home. Punctured almost immediately, as penance.


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