Author Topic: Thank you sir may I have another

Thank you sir may I have another
« on: July 24, 2021 »
As titles go,

Help me decide, or just be abusive instead

is an instant classic. CentralCommuter, who's in the market for a saddle and presents two options, then makes it nearly impossible to help, as he asks

anybody used both, have a similar bum to mine, and want to offer an opinion?

without providing a description or picture of the relevant anatomy (for which I was grateful; cycling is already replete with rear views). He then doubles down:

Of course, posters waxing lyrical about how pointless a post like this is also welcome, you need something to fill your evenings

As a technique for sparking lively discussion, well done. It actually turns into a decent thread about saddles, though of course the only thing that actually works is to

Quote from: slowmotion
People's bums are pretty variable, I think. You just have to go out and sit on something, and then try something else. It's like The Quest For The Holy Grail.

Quote from: Dogtrousers
I'm disappointed to see that no one has taken the "be abusive option".

That's because it was cunningly defused from the start.

There was this skirmish:

Quote from: mickle
Brooks saddles are made from the skins of dead animals. A bit gross really.

Quote from: Sniper68
We eat the dead animals anyway so using there skin is showing respect to the animal by wasting as little as possible

Quote from: mickle

Quote from: Sniper68
Yes 'we'.As in most (normal)people.

Quote from: derrick
What is normal?

Quote from: Sniper68

I have some affinity with vegans as I used to be one, sort of, but am forced to give Sniper68 credit for regurgitating an essential truth.

The OP does in fact end up making use of CC's generous image upload facility

Update. Here is a picture of my current seat, and my current ass.

and settle on something, concluding

Nothing to see here.

Nor here. Too late, you've seen it.