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« on: August 23, 2021 »
I am getting heavily into skateboards now.  I know full well how out of my depth I am.  Still, I will persevere.  I went for the Loaded Tesseract Basalt and Bamboo board coz it's supposed to have a wider carriage and better balance for a person unsteady on his feet. Any questions so far? No? Good. Coz I'm all out of answers.

My question is - Is there any interest in the cycling community or anyone else on board here who would be interested in chatting about boards or skating in general? You can be at any level of skill.  I'm still learning the difference between an ollie and mongo. Just waiting for the lean to kick in, actually.


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It just so happens I'm a half hour into Skater Girl, on Netflix. If I watch the rest (I'm a half hour into a lot of things), it might help me spectate in a more educated way. Sorry, that's all I've got.