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Re: What goes up
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Signs you may be addicted to hills:
- You occasionally stop in the middle of one, ostensibly for a gulp of water, but really because you enjoy a cold start on an incline.
- You choose gearing apropriate to your pain threshold. Due to tolerances which have been pushed and pushed again over time, you don't actually know what your pain threshold is.
- You say it's OK to walk if necessary. But when you do meet a hill that forces you off the bike, you consider it the walk of shame (only applies to self, I hasten to add).
- You go up one again & again because you didn't quite get it right the last time.

I am addicted to bike riding on hills. I have traveled almost all the popular hilly areas in United states in last 20 years and now writing my 20 years cycling experience and memories on bike reviews hub. While writing I still feel the sound of wind and my bike wheel/chain


Re: What goes up
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Could it be? Someone who loves hills as much as I do has stumbled upon NACF? And is willing to write about it?

must come down
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The internet as it stands - riddled not only with advertising but also with its market research feedback loop

As if on cue...

The neutered link above was added about a week after the original post. This strikes me as a stealth edit to be discouraged.

The site isn't without its amusements, so here's a link after all.
For a regular bike user, a detached or loose chain is something very ordinary now and then. But, that doesn’t say that your bike has defaulted. You can swiftly master how to tighten a bike chain with just the equitable tools.


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Re: What goes up
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Takes the cake


But is it art
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Spam I am
Jackson Pollock drips
Spam grease on canvas, creates
"Number Twenty"