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« on: September 21, 2021 »
Random pictures from my time in the UK.

Not everyone was amused

"You can take the girl out of Ohio..."

Name that London mayor

A time traveller from the future arrives in Trafalgar Square before it was pedestrianised. Fortunately he brought his mother.

Tiny dancer

Annoyed with Superman

Penny for your thoughts

Ordinary lion king

Sorry, the phone’s ringing

She caught it and lived happily ever after, at least until she sat on a pin

Mark Rylance has the whole world in his hands

Somebody's feeling forsaken

I’ll pass, thanks

Queue for brain scan on the NHS

I know we're a social species, but that's a bit rude

Beat of a different drummer, obvs

Thank goodness they're vegan

Great Britain still makes a damn fine bluebell

Honey I’m home

What fresh hell is this

Al and the Paca brothers

Badgers are hard to catch! Plus I was on my bike at the time.

Never surprise a bunny

“Took you long enough, I’ve been scratching at the door for ages.”

Thank goodness for online anonymity

Auntie would like a word

Mutually Assured Destruction for your neighbour

The last selfies they ever took

Pray it doesn’t sneeze

New heights in social distancing

Loveseat in the time of Corona

There's fly tipping, and there's surreal

Kipling and friend. There may have been some photohopping in this one.



Put that in your tea and drink it

Ken Livingstone retired to a pirate life

Shouldn't have built on a flood plain

Wanted: dead or alive

What every churchyard needs

What my refrigerator needs (there is a severe underappreciation of root beer in the UK)

Give me your jabbed, yearning to breathe free

"You'll go far," he told her

Sleepwalking after the Dunrun

My country 'tis of thee