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New dark age
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The Lancet's "bodies with vaginas" issue (and their blatant double standard) seems to be peaking a lot of people. It certainly upset my wife, prompting a bleak conversation of what lies ahead for cervix havers. Then there was the ACLU’s recent tweet de résistance.* To reframe a phrase, [What] [The] [Actual] [Fuck].

#BeKind #RabbitHole #GrossAnatomy

*Apologies if that makes no literal sense; French isn’t my first language. It’s not even on the list.


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Re: New dark age
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Aha, I am not a hexpert on this innerestin subjec, so I am inclined ter go off on a tangent innit...

I tried diggin oles when I wos a youfful rab but now I av mostly given it up becos a) it is ard work, b) yer get yer paws dirty, an c) I get me nosh providered by the P.A. anyway wiv no particuler need fer it wotever.

Sum rabs do av em.


Re: New dark age
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Well Humbug, I've consulted Chompsky,

and he replied "mm-mm-mm" as usual. I took this to mean "I've had the op but I'm still a buck." I further interpreted his body language as confusion why an otherwise intelligent species would tie themselves into knots this way. I explained #BeKind (he’s not a particular fan of hashtags, once I explained those too), and brought Orwell into the conversation (his ears perked up at the mention of Animal Farm). I was about to get into why this erasure of the W word angered and upset the lone female in the household, but he was way ahead of me; he scampered over and licked her nose. He always knows what to say.


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Re: New dark age
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Oo-er! Ok, I will attempt sum erudition on this one, wiv a little assistance, please bear wiv me.

We do not take the Lancet in this house. Owever the P.A. used ter work in a medical school wot did back in 1984 an she reckons this issue mite be an attempt at understated topical humour. Unfruiternately we are not privy ter the source ov the Lancet's recent quote, but if yer consider the formerly used word 'prostate' an break it down inter its component parts yer can imagine that a doctor mite feel a touche ov humour comin on.

Re: New dark age
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Apart from presenting something of a red rag to a bull, the Lancet does have some possible medical context for quoting, "Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected." The point being that this is a very specific area of women's health.

Vaginas have been neglected even more than the rest of the female body in medical study, though not necessarily in practice - Intra-uterine contraceptive devices are one of many interventions which took place with insufficient research. There is a condition related to extremely painful periods - I misremember its name, sorry - that has only in the last couple of years been taken seriously enough to warrant proper treatment.

I would have to read the quote in context, but would not be surprised to find it arises in consideration of the greater focus on issues of the male reproductive organs than on the female up to now within medical education and scientific study.

Whether it merits a front page? The subject certainly does. Too irreverent? Maybe. I saw it as rather radical, considering current and historical context. Possibly I just have a peculiar sense of humour.


Re: New dark age
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I would actually love for there to be humour that {almost} nobody is getting, though in that case it would be more a case of poor judgement by the Lancet for trolling a troll-weary public.

Here's the article (and here's the author. Someone suggests downthread that "the pronouns clarify the position.") To be fair, the W word does get an airing; but then so does 'menstruators'. It's an interesting piece and one can make a case for the particular language used. One can also see it as completely unnecessary.

The Vagina Museum which she/her writes about is on record thus: "So, whether you like it or not, there are people who are not women, who have vaginas." I guess people will make of that what they will.

Incidentally, that pic I used of Chompsky is an old one, pre-op. He's discernably still packing what Keir Starmer lacks.

Re: New dark age
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Thank you. The article is not uninteresting, but not front page headline material. There I was, anticipating an historical survey, rich in statistics, culminating in some strong research findings and/or initiatives. But the joke, it seems, is on me.

I so miss a good library. The having to know what you're looking for before you can find it is mind numbing.


Re: New dark age
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Rachel Reeves gets her deer in the headlights moment,* followed by Jean Hatchet's coup de grâce.

I'm glad the press are on top of all this.

This just in: a handy guide to when to use the W word.

*The following comment, concerning world menopause day, also comes to mind:
Quote from: ahagwearsapointybonnet
Honestly, reading it reminded me of one of those (Scottish?) sword dances, where they have the crossed swords on the floor and do all the complicated footwork while avoiding stepping on them. The complicated dance they do to avoid any mention of the taboo words - not only "women", but "periods" and "menstruation" (the entire reason we have menopause, as well as of course "hormones")...can you imagine them trying to describe the symptoms? "Well, you may get dryness in your... area, and people above this age should get their.....chest...screened regularly, and people who have had....part of their insides...removed may experience...the feeling-hot-and-getting-angry thing... earlier than others..."


Reality bites
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I watched The Closer, as one does when The Guardian pans it then doubles down, and am freshly reminded how it's not always wise to proclaim what's unfunny, because, well…

While I'm not sure I agree with Andrew Sullivan that Chappelle, good as he is

is the greatest living comedian (Greatest Of All Time as the man himself says, channelling Muhammad Ali), everything else he wrote is spot on.

Now this is funny (then scary, if you find the demand for training in how to reorient reality a tad frightening. "Affirm" indeed.) It's a pity the thumbnail is a spoiler.


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Question Time has landed.

A show of hands – how many are the same sex they woke up as this morning?

Define sex please.

Why wasn't I briefed?

It looks like I've got my work cut out.

I find myself triggering, if I think about it too much.


The panels don't seem to be working. The stupid is still getting through.

Until next week