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Oh and please read Moby Dick and The Idiot! I don't think you will be bored.

Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle maintenance is not essential reading but great as an exposition of the problems of category theory. Where to make the cut between this and that?

Self-perception of 'gender' may seem more vital a difference than biological sex in a truly emancipated cosmos, but we are stuck with sex as as our progenitive mechanism. 'As a woman' I can't see any more fundamental point to draw the line at than the bodily bearing of children.

This brings me to question the deeper agenda of comtemporary trans politics within the modern world. I feel virtually convinced that there is infiltration by the elite genetic manipulation faction going on within Stonewall.

Annie Reading - from
Reading and Art: Lucian Freud

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Battle outside ragin'
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Sarah Ditum today:
Suffragists were called termagants; second wavers were called bitches; and anyone who argues for women’s rights today is called a Terf and defined as a fair target for harassment. Trans activists say they want to break the gender-binary norm, but their actions say they’re happiest when they’re breaking individual women.

Lessons from Spain’s Mujeres Libres
Anarchism & the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women
by Martha Ackelsberg
extract -

Martha led me to her partner Judy, which led to Lilith.

“The Coming of Lilith" by Judith Plaskow

In the beginning, the Lord God formed Adam and Lilith from the dust of the ground and breathed into their nostrils the breath of life. Created from the same source, both having been formed from the ground, they were equal in all ways. Adam, being a man, didn’t like this situation, and he looked for ways to change it. He said, “I'll have my figs now, Lilith,” ordering her to wait on him, and he tried to leave to her the daily tasks of life in the garden. But Lilith wasn't one to take any nonsense; she picked herself up, uttered God's holy name, and flew away. “Well now, Lord,” complained Adam, “that uppity woman you sent me has gone and deserted me.” The Lord, inclined to be sympathetic, sent his messengers after Lilith, telling her to shape up and return to Adam or face dire punishment. She, however, preferring anything to living with Adam, decided to stay where she was. And so God, after more careful consideration this time, caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam and out of one of his ribs created for him a second companion, Eve.

For a time, Eve and Adam had a good thing going. Adam was happy now, and Eve, though she occasionally sensed capacities within herself that remained undeveloped, was basically satisfied with the role of Adam's wife and helper. The only thing that really disturbed her was the excluding closeness of the relationship between Adam and God. Adam and God just seemed to have more in common, both being men, and Adam came to identify with God more and more. After a while, that made God a bit uncomfortable too, and he started going over in his mind whether he may not have made a mistake letting Adam talk him into banishing Lilith and creating Eve, seeing the power that gave Adam.

Meanwhile Lilith, all alone, attempted from time to time to rejoin the human community in the garden. After her first fruitless attempt to breach its walls, Adam worked hard to build them stronger, even getting Eve to help him. He told her fearsome stories of the demon Lilith who threatens women in childbirth and steals children from their cradles in the middle of the night. The second time Lilith came, she stormed the garden's main gate, and a great battle ensued between her and Adam in which she was finally defeated. This time, however, before Lilith got away, Eve got a glimpse of her and saw she was a woman like herself.

After this encounter, seeds of curiosity and doubt began to grow in Eve's mind. Was Lilith indeed just another woman? Adam had said she was a demon. Another woman! The very idea attracted Eve. She had never seen another creature like herself before. And how beautiful and strong Lilith looked! How bravely she had fought! Slowly, slowly, Eve began to think about the limits of her own life within the garden.

One day, after many months of strange and disturbing thoughts, Eve, wandering around the edge of the garden, noticed a young apple tree she and Adam had planted, and saw that one of its branches stretched over the garden wall. Spontaneously, she tried to climb it, and struggling to the top, swung herself over the wall.

She did not wander long on the other side before she met the one she had come to find, for Lilith was waiting. At first sight of her, Eve remembered the tales of Adam and was frightened, but Lilith understood and greeted her kindly. “Who are you?” they asked each other, “What is your story?” And they sat and spoke together of the past and then of the future. They talked for many hours, not once, but many times. They taught each other many things, and told each other stories, and laughed together, and cried, over and over, till the bond of sisterhood grew between them.

Meanwhile, back in the garden, Adam was puzzled by Eve's comings and goings, and disturbed by what he sensed to be her new attitude toward him. He talked to God about it, and God, having his own problems with Adam and a somewhat broader perspective, was able to help out a little—but he was confused, too. Something had failed to go according to plan. As in the days of Abraham, he needed counsel from his children. “I am who I am,” thought God, “but I must become who I will become.”

And God and Adam were expectant and afraid the day Eve and Lilith returned to the garden, bursting with possibilities, ready to rebuild it together.

(One of those make of this what you will videos)

. . .

Zen I’ve done, and the whale guy I’d like to: even had my eye on one of those editions with a fancy binding, which I realise are more meant to be seen than read...

As for Bryan Ferry, I’m confident that swathes of my playlist would make your ears bleed.


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Quote from: Owlchaser
If you find that you're too undifferentiated in this economy, you may fail to capture market share and return poor profit to your shareholders. Rebranding may be required.

I took the test, then asked my wife to do it. (It's not the sort of bollocks she would get up to unless requested.) His and hers results:


I should write about this, and might at some point, but I'm lazy and a procrastinator, which I'm going to go ahead and call masculine traits.


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I fink the lesson ere is that the ole is more than the sum ov its parts.

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Connect the dots
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This one's cheaper:


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Also, I dare say, more enigmatic innit.


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New International Olympic Committee guidelines
Emma Hilton on top of this as always. Also Mumsnet, of course:

Quote from: TeamRex
Just checked, the IOC do have anti-doping rules still. They care about people taking drugs to improve performance. 

Men saying they are women competing the women's events, great! Nothing to see here!

New dark age
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Janice Turner interview with Kathleen Stock. Guess who's namechecked.