Author Topic: More than a touch of frost


More than a touch of frost
« on: November 03, 2013 »
Just because I wake up at 3 in the morning wondering if I should go for a ride doesn't mean my life is ruled by bikes. It's also ruled by fridges.

Am viewing the arrival of new Jona Lewie refrigerator with trepidation after learning the light doesn't come on straight away. Granted this will save the planet, but what about night raids? Gradual illumination may suit the sunrise but will surely diminish the experience of a surprise inspection.

Expended mental energy considering a flashlight, though as a UK yankee the image of approaching the sacred white god bearing a flaming torch is appealing. Or should I turn the kitchen light on? The former requires remembering where I put the light sabre, which is too much to ask when not all cylinders are firing; the latter spoils the simple pleasure of the clandestine nature of a raid.

Got ready for a ride, then brain sent the order to stand down. Am going back to bed.


win win
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I had taken to calling it THE MONOLITH as it is big enough to blot out the sun. (Note that this is a separate light issue.) Wife worried about this too. Buyer's remorse led to cancelling the order. Went to shop which rhymes with Hurrys for another look around and fell head over heels for a Singsong; tried to acquire but not in stock. Found it online over £100 cheaper. It stands to reason this savings should be transferrable to bike account credit.

It isn't.


out with the old, in with the old
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Portal to another dimension whose inhabitants are starting to defrost and urgently seek ingress into our dimension. Or, out with the old.

Then back in again. New fridge arrived with scratch caused by angry pandimensional beings. [You'll need to highlight that to read it, sorry.] However, I see no pressing need to update this thread upon arrival of a pristine appliance.