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Quote from: Unkraut
It would certainly appear that modern attempts to obliterate all distinctions aren't having much of an effect, at least yet. Such attempts won't survive first year medical school!

Do keep up. (The 'Common Sense' tagline is bonus catnip.)

Where does it hurt?

Quote from: matticus
This fascinating take on Remembrance Sunday from the Papau New Guinea Daily Courier just landed on my desk.

Quote from: newfhouse
Is that from a @fozy tornip Greatest Hits collection?

My first thought too.

Quote from: AndyRM
Wear a poppy, or don't.

Go to a memorial, or don't.

Like so much in life, let others crack on with whatever they're into, as long as it's not hurting anyone else.

FWIW: I don't; didn't; and I think the near fetishisation of poppy wearing is pretty pathetic.

Quote from: Lilliburlero
Says the man/woman... Which one were you today?

Thank god that people like you are in the minority.


Quote from: shep
What does your Daughter think of Daddy dressing like Momma on your 'feminine ' days?

Quote from: AndyRM
Fab de-rail by the way folks.

Best. Tangent. Ever.

Quote from: winjim
Wear your poppy with Pride.

winjim wins the thread, obvs.

Although AndyRM wasn't technically dissing the poppied, it's not hard to see how offence can lurk in the particular F word he used.* Lilliburlero, who never met a post he couldn't , saw red (possibly the breezy 'anything goes' attitude was also triggering), and Shep took a shine to his non sequitur.

Hah! I can't prove it, but I wrote that before Lilliburlero came back and posted this:

I just take exception to someone who doesn't know what gender they are going to feel like being on any given day calling poppy wearing "a fetish".
The consensus condemnation was never in question. Andy deserves a pat on the back for his conflict resolution here. Still, he doesn't strike me as a pacifist.

Quote from: winjim
Quote from: matticus
Love it! (I think we're ALL glad you read the Mirror, Jim)

Probably useful to include the context, makes an even better story IMO:
"World War 2 soldiers manned anti-aircraft guns in full DRAG after they were scrambled during panto photo shoot"

Is it not more fun to think they were mincing around in drag all the time just for the hell of it?

Yes it is. As an aside, despite the 'jim' I had winjim pegged a she. Can't remember why. This still doesn't make me keen for pronoun badges.

Quote from: Fab Foodie
World's lamest confession

Quote from: shep
And what a poor World it's becoming then, I just hope future generations will be grateful when they're* scared to have a laugh at work, well done.

* correction of original 'their' due to tic in eye

One of these days I'm going to have to plot everyone, including myself, on a graph, and figure out who needs to be shot in what order come the revolution.

Everyday sexism is a good topic though.

theclaud: I'm worried. I think Shep is stuck in a site office with Mick Hucknall and this is a coded cry for help.

newfhouse: TC wins the internet today
[I can go as far as POTD]

Pale Rider: I think you are stuck in the 80s. Get with the programme, it should be Ed Sheeran.

newfhouse: Whoosh…

Maybe he saw it, or maybe he was just seeing ginger. Who can say.

I believe CC's Pale Rider voted Brexit, unlike Ed but like me. Is there anything else we have in common?

Quote from: Pale Rider
it's always been grimly amusing to watch

Now here's a whoosh, unless their a double act.

Speaking of good topics: The true cost of second homes, and air BnB

Quote from: newfhouse
Filthy capitalist that I am, my retirement plan is to sell our home in London and buy somewhere smaller in a cheaper part of the country

[significant relocation of newfhouse on the graph]


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I rate CC as 9/10 on the shamelessly-middle-class spectrum.

Av yer got any scuzzbag cyclering forums on yer radar, or is this an utopean dream?

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Being an American discouraged from ruminating about class, I don't have a good grasp on the subject. Any chance of a Humbug tutorial on the British class system?

Meanwhile I have spotted a thread with a spectrum of twats.


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That will not be necessary Thorstein, becos economy is the sole ov social diffrence innit.
Ere's one the P.A. prepared earlier.


Bless the middle classes
with fair trade coffee mortgages
and gay marriage soft options

Curse the working classes
with Maccy D mortgages
and common laws

Bugger the rich
with organic Duchy mortgages
and pointed sticks

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Quote from: shep
I've just got a 2 month ban


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Quote from: Pale Rider
Even the dumbest mod ought to be able to decide what is NACA and what isn't.

If they can't, they really shouldn't be doing the 'job', although as with all volunteer positions imposing performance standards is difficult.

Given the apparently vast amount of work they've been seen saved by not having to moderate this place,
keeping an eye out for and closing news threads over there cannot be at all onerous.

more members and especially different posters would be welcome.

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It all gets a bit tedious after a while.